Available open source and proprietary software

The lists of open source and commercial software are given in the following sections.

Proprietary software

Software installation

The additional software can be installed if requested by the user. In order to run the commercial software on a supercomputer the user must have the appropriate license.

Note that the software must support Linux in general and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in particular. The software does not necessarily need to explicitely suport supercomputer use, but it makes life easier for both the supercomputer administrators and the users.

Software development

Some of the groups at the University of Rijeka are developing scientific software that is also intented to be ran on the supercomputer. These groups are doing so to support their own research or as a part of the software development projects, sometimes in collaboration with the businesses. These groups are:

In case your group at the University of Rijeka is also developing software intented to be ran on the supercomputer and you want to be listed here, please contact us.